Thinking About Getting Ready to Think About Going Back to School

Wicked Felina Wants To Grade Some Papers

Yesterday some of my teacher friends were bubbling on Facebook about purchasing back-to-school supplies, and I wanted to murder them.   They are good people who are merely having evil thoughts, I told myself.

But today, I woke up at 5:00 am, my internal alarm like a harbinger of doom, and  realized that only 35 days stands between me and the first day of school.  It’s time to get busy.  At least mentally.  So I read my Twitter feed, flagging four articles that might be good to build lessons around. Then, I stared at the ceiling  for about ten minutes, visualizing how I want to arrange my new room this year.   Then, I went back to sleep.

That’s all I could muster.

Teachers are the eternal optimists. Each new year is another year I might get it right.  I won’t. I know this.  But, every year, ignoring the defeat and hypocrisy of all the years before,  I buy those pencils and hang those posters and type up my syllabus, and  wait, with joyful expectation, for a chance at teaching gold.

That’s what makes me go back.  To serve up the fruit.